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14 October 2013 @ 05:18 am
My dear yulegoat,

First of all, I apologize, this post wayyyy longer than I intended it to be...and with too many parentheses. :(

ANYWAY. I am so thankful that, by some crazy stroke of luck, I found the yuletide sign-ups with just hours to spare before the deadline. By which, I mean to hint at the fact that this is my first time taking part in yuletide...so I hope you will bear with me as I try not to ramble all over the place. But, yeah, I'm beyond excited that you are here, reading about my favorite microfandoms, and planning to write me a story! I'm pretty easy to please, and will love whatever it is you write for me (A fic! Made for me! That's a novelty in and of itself). Feel free to ignore whichever parts of the prompts that don't inspire you, and I hope you have fun with the writing of it.

I'm game for a lot of different types of fics, but I think it would be nice to have a happier story, this time, since I'd really appreciate a mood-lifter this holiday season. I do, however, enjoy angst and mutual pining and all that good stuff, especially when balanced with some (or a lot of) comfort in the h/c department. I really, really enjoy good dialogue, and have a bulletproof kink for lighthearted banter, snark, and dry/deadpan humor. This also goes for team/ensemble dynamics (thus my love for the Avengers, NuTrek, and Teen Wolf fandoms), so if you feel like including the minor characters, please go for it! Oh, and with regards to the rating, I enjoy good smut like a lot of folks, but relationships, characterization, and camaraderie is far more important to me...just fyi.

Things I would really rather not have: noncon or deathfic. 1st or 2nd person writing. Poetry (unless as a joke, by one of the characters...lol).

Request #1: Fire Emblem- Awakening
Character(s): Chrom, Lucina
Opt. details: I love virtually every character from this game, with the exception of the antagonists (even if they end up being recruitable), so this one would be really hard to go wrong on, if you were uncomfortable/unfamiliar with my requests. If you've played the game, AWESOME (and I would enjoy talking about it, later...? Is that a thing that people do...?), you should skip the next paragraph. If you haven't played the game, support conversations are available on youtube or on wiki's as scripts, a few of which are all you need to get the gist of the characters.

Basically, you (the avatar, comes in 2 genders, both "Robin") play the role of an amnesiac tactician who gets picked up by a group of soldiers headed by Chrom-- you soon find out he's a prince, of course--, and then you and Chrom and your awesome cast of quirky characters go and kick ass on the battlefield against these creepy zombies pouring out from rips in the universe. Go figure. I mean, a LOT happens over the course of the game, your lack of backstory comes back to bite you in the ass (I'm trying to keep this spoiler free, just in case), etc etc. But the best part for me were: 1) permadeath (it means once your character dies on the field, they're GONE, which has great emotional impact); 2) support conversations (your party members gain support points for fighting next to each other on the battlefield, then have conversations outside of battle once you have enough points, and, finally, level up to marriage if you've been really pushing them together); and 3) the time-travelling babies. Oh, did I not mention that yet? Right, so, when your party members get married, the time-travelers that show up later have support conversations that reveal they're the grown-up versions of babies your battling couples are going to have, eventually. Surprise!

I chose Chrom and Lucina because I was most interested in a story about them out of the tags (and because they're such responsible characters I wanted them to, hopefully, have some fun), but I truly love all the characters, especially the kids. I think the time-traveling dynamic would be really interesting to explore, since some of them knew each other from the future and are now in this unfamiliar setting where 1) things haven't gone truly apocalyptic/hopeless, and 2), hello, alive!parents. I mean, imagine being a battle-hardened soldier, sometimes on your lonesome, then, BAM, you're embedded in a large, dysfunctional family. Imagine the awkwardness between you and your parents, some of whom look (and, are) your age. So Lucina's a prime candidate for exploring that, from a character piece standpoint. She also got shafted in my playthrough (she vanished without a trace..???), though I hear she travels the world a lot if she got paired with one of the 2nd gen kids. Anyway, a fic for closure would be lovely. Some other ideas/things I'd enjoy:

-Domestic fic. Y'know, all the blood and gore and random zombie limb still attached to your leg doesn't really negate the slightly curtain!fic-like atmosphere that every support conversation seems to have (I mean, remember Lucina's sibling convo where he/she uses the falchion to cut an apple??)...so, like, laundry day (poor chrom and his onesie...!), or just the lack of edible anything, everyone getting excited about going through a big town (with an actual marketplace! New clothes without rips and bloodstains!), or maybe even just winding down at a swimming hole after a battle. Maybe all the kids are letting loose and Lucina is being encouraged by someone to act her age for once, dammit.

-mid-battle? If you wanted to go in a slightly darker/angstier direction. Though I guess you could choose any moment during the gameplay for that, too, especially if you like MU (my unit/Robin/avatar) as Lucina's mother. Speaking of, feel free to choose any noncanon parent/sibling relationships as you like.

-Winter-themed? we don't really get that in the gameplay, so it might be interesting. Characters whining, getting told to shut up and deal with it, Mages trying to help get bigger campfires from damp logs, snuggling up to share body heat (favorite fandom trope? lol.), etc.

-Your pairing of choice. I would happily read romance between a lot of these characters (with the exception of the ones listed below), though I waver between having 2nd gen OTPs and a headcanon of all of the kids being platonic life-partners.

-Cameos from un-nominated characters. I just love so many of them...If I cared less for some characters from the main party, it'd probably be Kellam, Miriel, Donnel, Sumia, and Olivia. But, yeah, if you have favorites from the party, feel free to bring them in. I personally really enjoy these dynamics: any combination with Severa or Inigo. Inigo getting ragged on by every other kid for being a flirt. Brady being a softie. Severa ogling Kjelle's abs. Severa and Brady being bros (or master/servant...lol). Oh, and I love how Owain gets Lucina to be more relaxed...poor girl, I really think she needs a break from all the fate/destiny crap.

...ok, wow, I need to stop rambling and finish this post. Sorry, my poor unsuspecting yulegoat.

Request #2: Oresama Sensei

Character(s): Kurosaki Mafuyu, Hayasaka, Yui Shinobu

Honestly? I kind of adore the fact that the manga is so patently ridiculous, and that the focus is on the epic friendships between all the adorably wacko characters. And, of course, the awesome cross-dressing fun. :DDD Like, seriously, if you just hit "ridiculous/crack-y" and "friendship" and Natsuo-kun, I'll be happy. But if you wanted to go in a shippy direction, I'd enjoy this trio as OT3 (though, I wouldn't mind any variation of a pairing within it, as long as the third character isn't left out, emotionally), or even any of the following: Mafuyu/Saeki, Mafuyu/Kenkawa, or Mafuyu/Okegawa, as long as the trio gets to have an awesome (or, depending on the scenario, not so awesome...?) time. Oh, and I'm caught up on the online scanlations, so feel free to riff on anything in the manga. :)

Some prompts:
-Summer trip out to an island?
-A case of mistaken identity and they get wrapped up in Real Crime/Yakuza happenings, except they're clueless and just keep beating up these ojisans that are attacking them...hohoho.
-Some oversight committee is checking their school to make sure it's following the law, etc, except we all know this school is wacked. So obviously Saeki recruits our trio to try and keep the inspector clueless while the usual craziness is still happening.
-Fighting competition of some sort! Over some pseudo-serious prize...? You know our lovelies will probably each have a selfless reason for wanting the prize, and there would probably be some excellent over-the-top declarations/drama near the end of the competition. This would probably be a great opportunity to touch on people being confused about Natsuo-kun, as usual.
-Someone having a sexuality crisis over Natsuo, oh my god.
-(edit) Mafuyu finally coming clean about her cross-dressing?? I think I'd enjoy it if it was under a stressful scenario, not like a "hey, btw, I happen to moonlight as a bunny-mask-wearing-hero and a boy."
-(more edits) omg, Aki and anything makeover related would be awesome...how did i not mention him earlier.
-(final edit) USA-CHAN MAN!!!

Request #3: Mushishi
Character(s): Ginko

I absolutely adore this show. I think it's one of the most perfect little gems to come out of the Japanese animation industry. My reasons center around Ginko and the beautifully subtle atmosphere in the show, enhanced by the imagery and the sounds, and I love the folklore aspect, too. I haven't read the manga, but if you have, I actually wouldn't mind details drawn in from that canon. Sadly, I haven't found very many fics for this fandom, so I'd take anything, whether it's a short case-fic or a character piece. If you wanted to go in a shippy direction, I would like to request Adashino x Ginko. But, like I said, I'm open to a lot of different things regarding this show, so don't feel pressured by my prompts. :)

Some prompts:
-Outsider POV from the standpoint of the helpee of the week. I think this would be intriguing, though we already get some of it from the show. I just love seeing how other characters see Ginko.
-Adashino-sensei POV. Since they've known each other longer than the helpee of the week, hearing Adashino's reflections on Ginko would be interesting.
-And, vice versa, Ginko probably has Opinions about the dangerous compulsion Adashion-sensei has regarding his expanding Mushi collection.
-Adashino x Ginko fic where they bump into each other on a case? Gosh, that sounds fun...I mean, it could either be super serious and dangerous, or really light-hearted. I could see this going shippy or bro-time. It's hard to find people who know the business and can hang out, right?
-We mostly walk through wilderness in this show...how about a mushi sighting/happening in a busier town? I can't imagine there aren't mushi in urban areas, though maybe that's not within Ginko's purview. But it would be an interesting change of pace.
-Continuing from that, though I love the setting in Mushishi, I would actually be super interested in reading Ginko in modern Japan. Maybe it's an AU, maybe it's thanks to some mysterious mushi powers, who knows. But I like reading magic surrealism, and I think it translates very well to the atmosphere in the show, so...oh, and this might be a fun place to have the outsider POV take place...mmmm.

Request #4: The Hour
Character(s): Freddie, Bel, Hector

OHMYGOD. If you're writing for this fandom, I NEED SOME CLOSURE (like thousands of others out there, I'm sure). Please put me out of my misery and fix the show cancellation...*sobs*

Ok, realistically, in 1k or more, you can only do so much. So. I mean, an immediate follow-up would be much appreciated (what happened in the aftermath? IS FREDDIE OK?? are we going to see bel and freddie talk about The Kiss?), but I would also be into an epilogue set in the near/far future. Maybe at sissy/sey's wedding? Or maybe they're on a well-deserved vacation. Or maybe the 3 of them (plus other team members...? man, i'd love to have lix, but i have a hard time imagining how she would feel about a move like this) have their own small, but well-respected, news station, now. God, that'd be lovely. Or maybe they're in America and happily complaining about things. Happy ending, please, that's all I ask.

That's it for prompts for this fandom, but, mostly, I'd love to see our trio (I ship freddie/bel, but I'm totally open for OT3, too), and maybe some cameos from rest of the awesome cast. i'm particularly in love with lix and marnie.

Request #5: Temeraire
character(s): Temeraire, Laurence

So I haven't read past Victory of Eagles, but, honestly, I preferred the earlier books. In fact, if you stuck to His Majesty's Dragon, plot-setting-wise, I would be happy (though obviously details about infrastructure from later books would be a'ok). In fact, if you wanted to write a shippy story, I'd prefer Laurence x Granby in that setting, though Laurence x Captain Rolands (in any setting) would be lovely, too.

Mostly, I love the fondness, respect, and love between Laurence and Temeraire. Oh, and their protectiveness over each other. If you have that, I'd be more than thrilled, though some more glimpses into their world- I love world-building- would be awesome, too.

-coda to a scene from the books? If you like sticking to canon, either that or a character piece would be nice.
-however, if you're like me and disregard canon when you feel like it, a "what-if" fic would be really cool, diverging from the canon at any significant plot point you like.
-or, you know, a domestic fic featuring downtime for the original crew at some ambiguous setting, that works, too.
-I really, really adore Age of Sail (I've read all of Horatio Hornblower. All 11 books.), so any kind of naval battle with the temeraire crew involved would be awesome...though most people don't care to write battle scenes. ^^;;
-Ok, this is the radical prompt: How about a modern AU involving dragons + Laurence and Temeraire? How would the initial meeting translate, what does the infrastructure look like in modern Britain? I love Napoleonic Wars Era, I do...but I'm sure it's not easy to write, and I'm pretty open to AU's. So this is an out, if you care to take it. :)

Ok, I think that's it...sorry for the length (well, if you're taking part in yuletide, I'm sure you understand the urge to just keep talking about these fictional characters you love), and feel free to follow your muse and ignore my prompts... and thank you so very much for writing for me! *Hugs*

22 September 2012 @ 01:42 pm
Currently working on:

Marvel Bang
I (created from fantasies) exist solely for you- brainstorming still, came up with vignette ideas. 0.5 % done.
99 Problems (and the dice ain't one)- brainstorming, 0%
Poles Apart- Page breaks done, cover just needs refining; 50% done

Project: Get A Job 
portfolio: brainstorming, mid-research. Compiling client work. 10% done.
website: ...uh. 0%

Next week: contact alum office. 

Personal Writing Project
Oh my god, what am I even...this is turning into, like, a private big bang, art and all.
outline: done
word count for this week: 4.5k
illustration: doodles + 1

fanart: 3 sketches
painting: bought an easel, canvases. 
game design: ALMOST DONE, yeaaahh, just do title redesign
iphone icons: 4 POI icons done, do the rest by next week

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05 September 2011 @ 10:59 pm
It was such a great experience for my first big fandom project! I can wait to see the final formatted post...*squee*
Anyway. Below are the illustrations for pendrecarc's fic, "Structural Integrity." Enjoy!!

Title: Structural Integrity

Art: Title image & 3 illustrations 
warning: BIG IMAGES
to the art!Collapse )

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15 August 2011 @ 02:59 pm
 I figure it'd be better if there were people keeping me accountable.

Recently, I was on the Oregon coast for a short vacation, and it suddenly hit me...I really don't want to be holed up in an office, uncaring about how my spare time is used, uncaring about what I'm doing with my health and well-being. I don't know where I will end up eventually, or in what kind of a financial condition, but this is a reminder for the me in my immediate and distant future. Don't forget that you've seen what you want in your life. Don't get so overwhelmed by school and work that you lose track of everything else. 

(some somewhat feasible long-term goals)

-Stay in the west. Pacific Northwest, if you can swing it. You know you like it here (now that you've been to the other corners), so make it your home. You've always wanted that, right? A place to call home, and then to learn its quirks and inhabitants, the good hole-in-the-wall's, the tiny bookstores, and its friendliest (and best supplied) pubs...

-Take a boat out. Go crabbing and clamming. Catch something fresh and memorable. Cuss at the ones that get away, and be kind to the ones you let go. Talk to the dock workers and enjoy the briny smell, the gulls screeching, the numbness of your hands.

-Go snowboarding. ATV-ing. White-river rafting (probably after learning how to swim). Buy a kayak if you're still on the west coast. You know you like the adventure- so go get better acquainted with it. 

-Go backpacking. Push yourself- within reasonable limits- and reach out to the natural world around you. Learn to love the grit under your nails, the burn of your muscles, and the impossibly fresh air rushing through your throat. Enjoy the feeling of being unreachable, disconnected from the daily routine. Enjoy it with someone else who loves this, too.

-Think outside of yourself and your loved ones. Do something about it. Stay informed and aware, and avoid falling into the mindset that you're all too familiar with.

-But also keep your loved ones close and never take them for granted.

-Grow a garden. Try to plan your meals around it. Enjoy the fresh fruit of your labors and sweat.

-Go on weekend getaways with friends. Kick their ass at whatever activities are scheduled, and be a gracious winner. Enjoy a starlit night, share a round of good beer around the fire.

-"Shit, this stuff is good." Always keep an excellent stash of tea and, for the love of god, figure out where to get clotted cream. 

-Shadow puppets. Learn to tell a damn good story.

-Remember and honor your roots...but also appreciate others' and learn what you can from them. In fact, always remain curious and learn from whoever is willing to open up and share.

-Keep tasting new words. You've forgotten the joy and quiet beauty of books; but now that you've remembered, keep it close and don't let it go. Remember the smell of pages. Read out loud sometimes, laughing at your terrible attempt at a Scottish brogue. 

-Keep looking at new imagery, tracing the loveliness of lines and shapes. Draw, always. Paint. Keep a modest studio. Go to exhibitions and keep looking with a careful eye at the world. Make things. 

-Rescue a pet and be the best owner that you can possibly be. 

-Turn up the music on some excellent speakers and sing aloud. To this end, try not to live in an apartment complex for too long; if this is not feasible, make friends with your neighbors by baking some goodies and passing them around.

-Which reminds me: become an excellent baker. And a reasonably good cook. You know what tasty food does for your mood...so this is probably a very important short-term goal. Yeeaahhh. (To this end: keep an organized recipe book)

-Stay practiced and take good care of your violin. Keep a decent classical library. Buy it all if you have the means. This was your first love, your first obsession...don't forget.

-Watch a moderate amount of TV, and go to shows (theatre and otherwise). Though you may rethink this later, a 3:1 ratio sounds good to me. Discrete quantities, not counting by the hour. 

-A corollary: go to concerts. Small and intimate, big and raucous. 

-Go to the Harry Potter theme park and have a damn good time.

-Travel meaningfully, do it with people you love. 

-Miscellaneous to-learn's: Learn to swim (so you can finally snorkel), learn to dance (with someone- could care less about dancing well on your own, yeah?), improve your spanish, become financially literate (so you can take care of yourself). 
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09 June 2011 @ 08:34 pm
 All right, so I got lazy with LJ. Bite me.


To summarize! Everything is Sherlock fanart except for one on the left...lovely Dean from SPN!! <3 Castiel is up next. ;) 
Also, the last on the right is fanart for Boston Marriage by pendrecarc . It's a really, really fantastic case!fic that was written for the Sherlock bigbang, and the best genderbent!Sherlock fic I've read so far. GO READ.

I think this is a good development. It used to be that I would let my (holyfuckexpensiveasHELL) tablet gather dust for weeks, but, thanks to fanart/obsessive fangirling, I AM NO LONGER PERPETUALLY ART-BLOCKED. HURRAH. Sure, it's still a load of crap, but at least I'm getting a lot of practice in. 

I would love to stick around and chat, but I just finished blazing through the last season of Supernatural (*inarticulate scream*), so I've got TONS and TONS of fics to catch up on. Y'know, cuz I didn't want to be spoiled when I was in the middle of seasons 4 or 5, even if Castiel was driving me NUTS with his awkward/adorable/sparkly potential. Any favorites you guys would like to recommend, those who have been part of the fandom? ....If that's all, I'll be making my way over to FicLand. CIAO.

(But, before I go: Revised Art To-Do List for reference)
-SPN fanart
-Game of Thrones fanart
-more Sherlock fanart
-Doctor Who fanart
-Merlin fanart
-Sherlock BigBang art
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(sorry, the link through isn't working for some reason....)
My rationale for the sorting is at my deviantart post

I do enjoy the thought of Sherlock in a magical world. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's because HP and SH are my two oldest and most beloved fandoms. Maybe it's because Harry Potter could use a dose of Intelligent & Sensible Adults (god, what I wouldn't give to see Mycroft stepping in after the debacle that is Fudge/Umbridge). Maybe it's because Sherlock would make a seriously kickass wizard, and just imagining all the hijinks Moriarty would get up to in the vacuum left by Voldemort makes me feel giddy (ok, not in the sadistic sense...just...y'know, interesting. You have to admit, Voldemort did not make a terribly creative villain). Mostly, I just think it'd be nice for Sherlock to be in such an interesting world. Wouldn't it be twice as difficult to get bored if you can play in two sandboxes instead of one?

In my head: Sherlock is just a little bummed out by the current state of the magical world. He probably is one of the folks that Voldemort would have wanted to kill off eventually (but couldn't get his hands on in time) because he advocates an "update" on the Wizarding World. He likes muggle tech and he likes how interesting magic can be, but he thinks they'd be exponentially cooler if combined...not physically- as we well know, muggle tech fails on Hogwarts grounds where- but conceptually and in application. Hm. How did he avoid getting killed by Voldemort? By "hiding" in muggle London as soon as graduation's over? But wouldn't he have been too dangerous to leave alone during school, given his skills/intelligence? Hm. I'd probably have to resolves this in a fic (that will never be written).

He spent his years at Hogwarts (presumably sometime during Marauder era) as a loner in Slytherin, shunned for his heritage (muggle-born, like his brother) and his sympathies. He probably invented spells in his free-time, specializing in magical theory or something. He'd probably be frustrated by some of the illogical aspects of magic (at least, in the way Rowling used it in her world), but would make the best of it and write a couple papers on the parts that -are- logical by graduation. He definitely studied chemistry and physics on the side. He also probably took arithmancy and ancient runes as his electives, and then got an apprenticeship somewhere to invent spells and charm objects...then went to go live in Muggle London where he can apply all this as a fledgling consultant detective. During the war, he probably got recruited for tracking down (unofficially, of course) dark wizards, via Mycroft in the ministry. Maybe he even did a quick stint in the Unspeakable department.

(God, can't you just envision Mycroft as a wizarding-muggle ministry go-between??)
You know, even though this crossover is super exciting, I think I would prefer non-Hogwarts fics. It's just...there's something that disagrees with me when I think about John and Sherlock meeting as wee pre-teens, y'know? Like, Sherlock's craziness would've been off the charts, and John would be (let's be honest here) a lot less interesting. I don't think he would've caught Sherlock's immature eyes. Better have him be a mediwizard of some sort, who (after the DEs kill his wife, Mary, during the first war) turns renegade, or something. Which is why he's not in the Order, which, in my head, is more about defense than offense. And he doesn't get caught by officials, then goes off to live in the muggle world when Voldemort falls the first time. Gets medical training, goes into RAMC, and still gets deployed to Afghanistan. 

What would be interesting to me is a fic about the two meeting sometime soon after Voldemort's second rise, doing work together behind the scenes (away from the politics of the ministry). I think I'd like to see them meet in Muggle London, and have it be this thing where Sherlock (having deduced quite a few important things about John) plays around and pretends not to know about the magical world. lol. Then he'd be all j/k, let's share quarters since we're both wizards and don't have to keep secrets. And then a secondary arc dealing with Moriarty. Maybe he steps into the Ministry, then controls all of the dark wizarding activity in absence of a prominent dark leader like Voldemort. I mean, it's easy enough to imagine that there were intelligent dark wizards who figured out how loopy Voldemort was and decided to lay low, right? 
Mmmm. My apologies for the length...this is getting way to unwieldy. XD Promise I'll do some more sketches for this crossover soon...

SPOILERS FOR DR. WHO (The Doctor's Wife)...Thoughts + SqueeingCollapse )
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08 May 2011 @ 02:11 am
....ngh. Whatever. 

I finished one practical neuroanatomy exam (more on that at the end of the post), so I'm going to reward myself by doing nothing important and watching an inadvisable number of TV episodes. YAY

Mmmm. It feels good to stretch and get back into the rhythm of drawing things. :) I promise more creative stuff for next time, but, for now, Hetalia fanart, random doodle, and a thing I made for my friend's iphone app.

Right. So. While this neuroanatomy exam was a walk in the park compared to the written exams coming up soon, it also turned out to be some absurd, silent parody of a game of musical chairs, with an annoying bell going off every minute to indicate that we're to shuffle a step to the right towards the next slice of brain. No, you may not check your answers. No, you may not ask any questions to clarify a matter. Just 60 students doing the silent shuffle for more than an hour.

To make things even more frustrating, I found myself the victim of a terribly early onset of the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon, and missed 2 of the easiest questions on the exam. HOW COULD I MISS THE CHOROID PLEXUS, HOW.
Ugh. Mood recovery took the form of 1 episode of Fringe (!!!!!OMG), 8 episodes of Supernatural, 1 episode of Modern Family, and a thrilling rendition of Macbeth in the underground vaults of an old, abandoned Clerkenwell House of Detention (roderick-random.blogspot.com/2011/05/theatre-review-macbeth-clerkenwell.html). Ahhh, so much excellence.

Edit: Oops! One more thing...the song I'm obsessing over these days (when I'm not slowly replacing my innards with Andrew Bird and Beirut and Sufjan Stevens): No One Does it Like you, by Department of Eagles. I love the song, of course, but the music video itself is now constantly on my mind. It's rather like the time I found "I Say Fever" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga0ohgZFVqcby) Ramona Falls, which haunted me for an entire summer...
...but anyway. I found it while researching Marcel Dzama for my art history paper (relevance of drawing in contemporary art practices)- he's the art director for the music video. :)  Check it out! It's both aurally and visually excellent <3

I love Dzama's art. When I saw his work at the Tate, it was in a room titled Dark Comedy. It was love at first sight. He works within folkart traditions, but, like all excellent folklore, there are quite a few disturbing themes underlying his drawings. They seem so innocent and cute until you step close enough to see what's actually going on...and then you start getting creeped out. >:D

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03 March 2011 @ 08:08 pm


This fanmix grew out from that one phrase. Once I heard it, and thought, “Sherlock,” my mind would not give me peace until I’d picked out enough songs to make a playlist. Because, you know, as much as Sherlock is a self-declared sociopath, John’s equally afflicted for being unable to step away, unable to keep himself from throwing into deadly situations alongside Sherlock.

This mix is a bit eclectic: mostly folk with a touch of alt./rock, 1 hip-hop, and a few violin pieces. Just have a little faith, and listen all the way through with the visuals and notes to inform the experience...it's nice, I promise. :)


A disclaimer: For the most part, I don’t listen to songs for lyrics. If something sticks, it sticks; but, to me, melodic content and atmosphere hold more value. I tried to visualize the image in the mind to accompany some of these songs so you can see the correlation better, but I apologize if there are jarring discrepancies in the lyrics to contradict their descriptive use. It’s my first fanmix- go easy on me... ;)

on to the music and art!!Collapse )

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Another Sherlock fanart, this time for Wider Than a Mile by wordstrings . Click for full view.

What can I say? I'm a dorky little violinist, and my idol playing the same instrument that I do makes something fond and adoring bubble up inside of me.

Also, I've a rec, though I read it a long time ago, and I'm sure most people have already read it: Leaving  and Left by Telanu. ACD's canon-verse.
These two fics represent my original OTP canon. This is what I see happening behind what Dr. Watson never told us, the Lost Canon, as it were. (from wikipedia re: "canon": The term was first used in the context of fiction to refer to the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to distinguish those works from subsequent pastiches by other authors. LOL DOES THAT MAKE SHERLOCK HOLMES THE ORIGINAL FANDOM???)

I love slash fics as much as the next fan, but I always felt a Watson from the Victorian Era would have been too repressed by the societal expectations of the time to be open to a romantic relationship with Holmes, despite the fact that he means everything to Watson. This makes for a very interesting head canon, and the fics I used to adore from ACD-verse tended to be very, very angsty. These fics by Telanu are less so, but, ohmygod, "A hit, a palpable hit.  I am wounded by that one, and she knows it too." oooh, it hurts to read that line.

I love BBC Sherlock precisely because (other than the dozens of lovely things, not the least of which are Benedict and Martin's portrayals) the contemporary setting allows for all of the homoeroticism to be open for scrutiny, rather than being hidden like some dirty laundry. We see John openly declaring his fascination with Sherlock, willing to commit murder in their very first venture, asking about Sherlock's sex life, and trying to save Sherlock from the impossibly tight corner that is The Poolside by throwing himself at Moriarty. Sherlock is not only delighted by John's praise, but moved. The horror in his eyes when he finds John strapped into semtex is only mirrored by the frantic desperation as he tries to get it off John. And who go "awww" during the scene where they are breathless with laughter, leaning against a wall together? They've known each other, for what, a few weeks now? 

Yes, this John is grittier, more disturbed and aggressive and snarky (all of which is very lovely indeed) than the original Watson, but, to me, this show is a satisfying resolution to the unrequited angst that is my OTP.

(A sidenote: In which case the 2009 movie serves as an in-between...that whole thing with Mary is addressed so bluntly that you'd have to be BLIND not to see the homoerotic undertones, but still not the lovely chemistry that is Sherlock and John.)

in other news...Collapse )
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20 February 2011 @ 04:28 pm
So, normally, a day or two before a big deadline, my panic mode automatically activates. I write quickly (albeit crappily), and- usually- all is well.
I have 17 hours left, and I have 3000 words to go (1000 for developmental neurobiology, 2000 for art history). Plus citation and bibliography. Plus a hand-drawn diagram...


Yeah, I think either drawing or fic-reading broke my internal safety processes, preventing my panic mode from kicking in (which is why I'm still here).

I guess all I have to do is just start writing, and don't stop until tomorrow morning. Except, of course, I didn't sleep last night either. So, the question remains: Can I stay up for 2 nights (and write about the mechanism of dorsal-ventral patterning of the spinal cord AND about the representation of the working class in 19th-cen. British art vs. French realism) without being high on caffeine...?!?! drumroll, please!!

[edit: personal notes on sleep deprivation study]

Subject has been awake for 43 consecutive hours at the time of this study. Subject also demonstrates significant reduction of motor control and complains of light-headedness  and slowing of mental faculties. Subject's ability to reason and exert their will seems to suffer, as well. Hums in the bathroom. Eyelids continue to droop.
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20 February 2011 @ 02:27 am
I have so much love for the Paradox series by wordstrings . It comes with the warning:

Hi!  I write mainly Sherlock/John here so far, and I tend to write very strange slash.  Be warned that there is probably kink herein, much of it is smutty, and my personal BBC Sherlock is mad as a hatter.

And it is so very true. Wordstring's Sherlock is quite insane, but- and here's the clincher for why I am in love with her writing- you believe it. I followed the internal logic and dialogue without ever doubting that this was John, this was Sherlock. The stories are certainly disturbing at times, but, trust me, they are devastatingly brilliant. Treading the line between the heartrendingly tragic and the ridiculously funny with skill and adroitness, weaving in ACD's canon plot in a similar manner to the show, building a stunningly rich relationship between Sherlock and John...I don't know if I could have been any more satisfied. I wish I could give a better rec, but I can't; so, instead, I made fanart (click to enlarge):

[edit: for cross-eyed-ness. XD thanks to ceirwy for the pointer. <3)
The teacup scene from A Thousand Threads of What-Might-Have-Beens
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19 February 2011 @ 11:24 pm




David Foster Wallace-Kenyon Commencement Speech 2005


I wish I could have taken a class from him, but reading this speech after the fact will have to do...and, in fact, this is exactly what I needed to hear.  Note to self: Come back and read this after graduating next year. Remind yourself why you made the choices you have, and stand firm.


and now, with no further ado...Collapse )and now, with no further ado...Collapse )

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17 February 2011 @ 10:47 am
Sometimes, I wonder why it is that I let precious, important things slip away between my fingers, even though I'm perfectly capable of retaining them. Can I blame my subconscious? Is it that I find happiness to be a deeply suspicious thing and deliberately sabotage myself? I find this pattern repeating in both my interpersonal relationships and in my academics. It's in the way I never give myself enough time to get to class and in the increasing number of missed classes; it's in the way I won't reply back to a facebook message even though I have the time and the inclination; it's in the way I lose a fantastic paid summer internship in the lab I've been working with for months simply because I couldn't be bothered to submit an application on time...

Facing such personal failure, I hoped to distract myself with the lovely Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch in Frankenstein:
program autographed by Danny Boyle

...and it worked!! It was such a fantastic performance (Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein, Jonny Lee Miller as The Creature; going to see another showing with the roles swapped next...I heard it's even better, though I'm finding it difficult to imagine it) that I found myself lost in the terrible, tragicomic affair that was Nick Dear/Danny Boyle's stage adaptation of Shelley's novel. It was certainly difficult to watch at times, but the acting was sublime, the stage design was done with such a soft (but sure and deft) touch...it was breathtaking. Yes, the story might not have been sophisticated (down to the very fundamental questions about soul, life, love, etc. etc.), but I found it all the more memorable for it.

And, oh dear lord, Benedict Cumberbatch. He is beyond brilliance, and I'm at a loss for words to describe how happy (nnnngh, such inadequacy of words, especially in my hands) I am that I could see that in person.

I've yet to get the lovely Mr. Cumberbatch's autograph, but, mark my words, I won't walk away empty-handed at the next viewing.
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09 February 2011 @ 04:47 am

Martin Freeman is definitely my favorite Watson so far, even though Jude Law was pretty damn amazing, too. It's how I've always imagined Dr. Watson to be like, even when I read the original stories back in grade school...fond, exasperated, and fascinated by Holmes, but most certainly not the slow, bumbling man depicted in the older film adaptations. The final moments in A Study in Pink where Watson gets to show off (privately,  of course) his under appreciated talents as a crack-shot were so very gratifying.

Anyway. My first offering to the BBC Sherlock fans here on LJ...enjoy!

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